Kolkata Carnival

DURGA PUJA is the grand carnival held every year around September/October in Kolkata. It is indeed a gala public event arranged in many localities in the city and outskirts. Rijul Venkat has sent us these beautiful photographs for Indiphoto. Many thanks … happy clicking !



MOTHER TERESA: Mai to Fan Ban Gaya !

A Sincere memoir…. a first hand touchy account of youth days.


mother teresaMother Teresa  to be canonized on September 4, 2016, Pope Francis will declare Blessed Teresa of Kolkata a saint at the Vatican on that day.
It is time to share the joy ….. from the City of Joy of which Mother is very much a part.
It was 1971, the Bangladesh Liberation War was on, as a result a large number of people were taking a refuge in the areas bordering West Bengal and of course Kolkata too was a place which took a large intake of people coming across the border. Relief work was just on and there were relief camps set up in many parts. Those days some of us were involved with a University Student Organisation called SCM and we thought of doing something to support the relief efforts . Our steward Rev. Donald was a very able person and always ready to second any idea…

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India : A Small Town Fair

Ghatsila is a small town in Jharkhand in India. Every year around this time of the year a Fair is held in open air called Mina Bazar. There is a lot of colourful lighting and children come in large numbers to this fair. This photos are sent by  Prabir Sarkar from Ghatsila two days ago.



Beat the Heat !

In Kolkata the Summer has just set in. For two small children, Ruhani (11 yrs) and Rianna (7yrs) it is just the beginning  of the good times ! Time to beat the heat on their own terms !

First a good splash of raw shower from a hose pipe in the open !


Then savoring good sweet red water melon — as much as they can grab !DSCN2663





Yellow Fest @ Bengali Marriage

Gaye Halud (putting Turmeric Paste on the Bride and the Groom) is an important ritual held on the marriage day morning in Bengali wedding. After putting the turmeric paste on the face  of the Groom the remaining turmeric paste then are brought to the Bride’s home. The same paste is then put on the Bride’s face. Along with the ritualistic turmeric paste, the Groom’s house also send a lot of gift trays. These contain dresses for the bride, perfumes, cosmetics, sweets, Fruits, Coconuts, and, of course a big Fish !



Saraswati Puja : Kolkata

Saraswati Puja is an important puja event, the first one in an year, normally held during January or early February ! It is essentially a puja for children and youth, especially  for students – be it academic or cultural fields. School students, art students, dancing trainees, musical instruments players, for all this is the time to pray. Saraswati is the devi of learning. There are two types of Puja held – one in the homes, and, then there is community organised.

The first part is displaying colourful banners, a few weeks in advance, announcing the puja in a locality.



Then making a nice pandal or the puja arena. This is the most creative part. Buying a nice Saraswati idol or image and bringing the same, which is some times as big as life size,  in the arena is a difficult task.SARAS 2.png

This is a one day event and early morning the children take a bath and small girls wears yellow sarees and boys nice colourful dresses and bring some books to the goddess of learning. After the priest performed the puja they all take the prasad – normally various fruits pieces.

Then in small groups they go for pandal hopping – going around to various puja arenas in the locality.




Next day by evening the idol will be immersed in Ganges river, if not in the nearest pond.

This year the Saraswati Puja was held on  1st February, 2017..